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Understanding Printer, Printer Type, and Function of Printer

Canon Pixma PrinterAs one who deals in the world of printing you must know the definition and types of printers and their functions. Basically everyone knows how to shape the printer yet, many of which still do not really understand what was the function of the printer. Printer interpreted as a printer. Where, printer hardware is connected to a computer or laptop to print a file be it text, images, or pictures. Along with the development of technology, the printer can now be found in many brands and latest specifications.

After understand what printer you need to know about the types and functions of the printer. Here are the types of printers and their functions:

  1. Inkjet printers, a printer of this type will squirt ink paper to form an image. With the presence of a magnetic plate which directs the ink on the paper in accordance with the specified pattern. The resulting quality inkjet printer almost equals quality laserjet printer. 300 dpi is the standard quality of inkjet printers.
  2. Laserjet printer, this printer is a printer that uses a laser types in the printing process. Its use with laser illuminates in tools like the drum to create patterns of images that will be printed. Printing will be processed well after the drum rotates through the combined toner
  3. Printer LED / LCD, the printer LED / LCD using light-emitting diodes. Ink-jet printers are capable of producing good quality print quality in the form of graphics or text.
  4. Dot Matrix printers, printer uses a ribbon and pin sets compact to print letters and other characters. This printer has a way of working that is almost similar to a typewriter. This printer has print speeds from 50 to 500 characters per second. The number of pins used also varies between 9 and 24 so the resulting quality will also vary.
  5. Solid Ink printers, printers that use a type of ink, but have been frozen. Printer ink is melted and then accommodated in a place and then transferred to a kind of drum and will cool the ink before printing to paper media.
  6. Dye Sublimation Printer, printers are widely used in graphic arts as a printer on a hard object like a mug, or other hard souvenir.
  7. Portable printers, a printer that has a print resolution for printing plain text.
  8. Printer Plotter, highly accurate printer in the printing process. Large size printer is commonly used to print pictures architects.
  9. Digital Photo Printer, a printer that is commonly used by photographers when printing images with high quality.
  10. ID card printers, printer used to print ID cards.
  11. Printer POS (Point Of Sale), this printer is easy to find at the checkout at the store which is directly connected to the cash drawer.

Above are some explanations about the notion of printer, type of printer is also a function of the printer. May be useful for you.

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