why won’t my phone connect to instax printer

Why is my INSTAX printer not connecting to my phone?

A. Bluetooth connections may not work correctly in the Link app if you connect from the settings screen of your device. Be sure to make Bluetooth connections from the Link app. If you have made a Bluetooth connection from the settings screen of your device, disconnect it from the settings screen of your device too.

How do I connect my phone to my INSTAX printer?

Turn on the power of the printer.In the Wi-Fi settings of your smart phone, select the SSID of the printer.Start the app.Press [Settings].Press [Printer setting].You will be asked for the password when connecting to the printer for the first time. … Press [Firmware Version].

How do I connect my INSTAX sp3 to my phone?

Wi-Fi is connected. I cannot connect my Android to the printer. If you cannot connect the Android to the printer, check the settings as follows. Tap the “Settings” button on the home screen….Settings itemAndroid 11/10Tap the “Settings” button Tap “Location” Move the “Use location” slider to the right

How do I connect my INSTAX sp2 to my iPhone?

Turn on your SP-2 and connect via WiFi to your device (smartphone or tablet) Open Instax Share APP on your device and go to SETTINGS in the APP. Ensure Printer Model selected is SP-2. Confirm password (either 1111 or change to your preference)

Why is my Instax printer not connecting to my iPhone?

If you cannot connect to the printer from an iPhone, check the following settings. Select “Wi-Fi” in the settings screen of the iPhone and select “INSTAX-********” (with the SSID that is displayed on the back of the printer) in the list of Wi-Fi networks.

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