why recycle printer toner cartridges

Why should you recycle toner cartridges?

By recycling your printer cartridges, you will be ensuring that our natural resources and energy last longer. In fact, up to 97% of materials used during the manufacture of ink and printer cartridges can be reused and recycled.

Why are toner cartridges hazardous waste?

The ink and toner used in cartridges are classed as a hazardous material, (As they are carcinogens and can disrupt hormonal activity) they are dangerous to human health and the environment.

Does recycling do more harm than good?

However, recycling the wrong items can actually do more harm than good. The practice is called “wish-cycling,” and it interrupts recycling facilities’ operations, costs money and can lead to more waste. “It’s considered contamination,” said Allyson Mitchell, executive director of the Indiana Recycling Coalition.

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