why is my printer printing slanted

Why is my printer printing at an angle?

Images and text can print at an angle or they may not print at all. Your printer can become misaligned if there is any paper stuck in the machine, print cartridges are clogged or dirty, improper installation of cartridges and using low quality cartridges.

How do you fix a printer that is printing slanted?

If your printouts are slanted, try these solutions:Slide the edge guides against the edges of the paper.Select a higher print quality setting in your printer software.Align the print head.Make sure the product is not printing while tilted or at an angle.

How do I fix uneven printing?

FAQs & TroubleshootingUse the recommended paper. … Check that the drum units or toner cartridges are installed correctly. … Perform the calibration. … If you are using the copy function, adjust the copy density and contrast. … Disable the Improve Grey Colour Mode in the printer driver. … The toner cartridge may be damaged.

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