why is my printer not printing red

Why my printer is printing yellow instead of red?

Why is my printer printing yellow not red? It is most likely that your image is yellow where you were expecting it to be red and you may also notice that blue parts of the image appear turquoise instead. Both of these effects are caused by a lack of magenta ink/toner on your prints.

Why is my Canon printer not printing red?

This most likely means that one or more of the colors are not printing correctly. The best way to find this out is to perform a Nozzle Check. Please perform the following to print a Nozzle Check pattern: 1.

Why does my Epson printer not print red?

The ink levels may be low and you may need to refill the ink. Visually check the ink levels. Also make sure you filled the tanks with the correct colors of ink. After you print, the colors in your printout need time to set as the ink dries.

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