why is my epson printer printing lines in my prints

Why is my printing coming out with lines?

Often, when there are lines or shading on your print job, the print cartridge could be the reason. When the print cartridge is not being effectively cleaned off, it creates streaks or shading on the document.

How do you get rid of the lines when you print?

Use your printer software to run a print head or nozzle cleaning. You can find the cleaning wizard under “Printer Servicing” or a similarly named option. Print a test sheet to see if you’ve resolved the issue. If not, run the cleaning tool again until the lines disappear from your printouts.

Why is my printer printing lines on pictures?

If your print-outs are streaky, faded, have lines on them that should not be there, or are otherwise poor in quality, this may be due to a problem with the printer or a low ink or toner supply. You may be running out of ink or toner. Check your ink or toner supply and buy a new cartridge if necessary.

Why is my Epson printer printing vertical lines?

Vertical banding can be caused by blocked nozzles on the print head. Make sure that you are using genuine Epson ink cartridges. For optimum performance from your Epson printer, we recommend using genuine Epson consumables only.

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