why is 3d printer filament so expensive

Why is 3D printer filament expensive?

The cost of a polymer plays the leading role in the overall price of the filament. Each comes from a different source and requires various techniques to prepare. The quality of a polymer can also be reduced by impurities, which are common when it is prepared by cheaper methods.

Why is PLA more expensive?

The production process for PLA is expensive because of the number of intermediary steps, which Dusselier’s team says it has eliminated. In traditional PLA production lactic acid is fed into a reactor and converted into a type of pre-plastic, low quality, material under high temperature and in a vacuum.

Is PLA 3D printing expensive?

How expensive is 3D printing Filament? You can expect to find PLA filament for $10 on the low end up to $25 on the higher end for a1Kg Spool, ABS and PETG can be found for $15-$25 per spool, ASA for $30-$50, Nylon for $50-$60, Polycarbonate for $30–$60, and TPE for $80-$100.

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