why does my hp printer says door open

Why does my HP printer say door open when it’s not?

If the cartridge door is not completely closed, the error message displays. Open, and then close the cartridge door of the product. Make sure that the door rests securely against the body of the product.

What to do when your printer says the door is open?

HP Deskjet, Officejet, Photosmart, and PSC All-in-One Printers – ‘Door Open’ Error Message Displays on the Control PanelStep one: Close the cartridge door completely. … Step two: Check the cartridge door for obstructions. … Step three: Reset the product. … Step four: Service the product.

Why is my printer not closing?

1. You are plugged directly into a wall outlet, having the printer plugged into a surge protector or extension cord can cause the printer to not get enough power to function properly. 3. Make sure that the paper loaded inside the machine is not causing the door to not close.

How do I unlock my HP printer?

To restore the printer to the original network settings:From the printer control panel, touch or swipe down the tab at the top of the screen to open the. … Touch Network Setup.Touch Restore Network Settings. … Touch Yes.Print the network configuration page and verify that the network settings have been reset.Feb 16, 2019

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