why do printers use cyan magenta and yellow instead of rgb

Why do printers use cyan magenta and Yellow?

To reproduce color, the CMYK color model codes for absorbing light rather than emitting it (as is assumed by RGB). The ‘K’ component absorbs all wavelengths and is therefore achromatic. The Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow components are used for color reproduction and they may be viewed as the inverse of RGB.

Why is RGB not used for printing?

Why is RGB not ideal for Printing & Packaging? In most printing processes, RGB color space is usually converted to CMYK before creating the artwork. Essentially, any colors produced with RGB on the digital space will not create the same output on the physical print.

Why do printers use magenta instead of red?

Cyan overlaps blue and green, Yellow overlaps green and red, and Magenta overlaps red and blue. With these overlapping colors we can now begin subtracting lightwaves to create specific colors, for instance to create pure Red you would mix Yellow with Magenta.

Do printers use RGB or CMYK?


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