why do printers use cmyk

Why do printers use CMYK color instead of RGB?

RGB has a wider range, or gamut, of colors compared to CMYK. CMYK prints cannot reproduce all RGB model colors. It is not possible to reproduce all the colors you see on a screen in printed ink, since ink does not emit light. If you design an RGB graphic for the web, it may not look the same if you try to print it.

Why is CMYK model used for printing?

In conclusion, CMYK is the industry standard for printing because of the science behind the color space and the substrate. Ink on paper must use the CMYK color space to acheive the optimum results by creating an unlimited number and shades of color.

Is CMYK better for printing?

Use CMYK for any project design that will be physically printed, not viewed on a screen. If you need to recreate your design with ink or paint, the CMYK color mode will give you more accurate results.

For what purpose is CMYK color mode used for?

CMYK color mode is used for designing print communication such as business cards and posters.

Why RGB is not suitable for printing?

Why is RGB not ideal for Printing & Packaging? In most printing processes, RGB color space is usually converted to CMYK before creating the artwork. Essentially, any colors produced with RGB on the digital space will not create the same output on the physical print.

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