why are hp printer cartridges so expensive

Why does HP have so many cartridges?

The cartridges evolve to address specific market needs. HP has many hundreds of different cartridges with a variety of ink types, fill levels and page yields to meet a wide range of printing needs from small portable printers up through huge web press printers.

Can you use non HP ink in a HP printer?

Can you use generic ink in HP printers? Yes, you can use generic ink in HP printers. Try to disable the HP Cartridge protection as this will help with preventing the printers from being blocked with updates. On the printer menu, go to settings and you will see an option there for you to disable it.

Why is black ink so expensive?

Branded ink is expensive because original equipment printer manufacturers (OEMs) claim that the technology to make ink is expensive; so much is spent on R&D, and it costs a ton of money to ensure topnotch ink quality and reliability.

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