why 3d printer enclosure

Why do you need an enclosure for 3D printer?

The printing process of 3D printer yields harmful fumes, which may spread all over the printing area and the place where your 3D printer is. An enclosure protects you from the direct effect of these fumes. As a result, you can avoid an unpleasant experience with some harsh materials out there.

Should I use an enclosure for PLA?

PLA has great properties since it doesn’t require an enclosure nor a heated bed, and it’s the easiest material to print, which is why, if you’re a beginner, it’s the best option.

Should I buy an enclosed 3D printer?

Most 3D printers, including many of our top-rated 3D printers, don’t come with enclosures. So why would you want a printer with one? For one, having an enclosure improves safety. FDM 3D printers have many parts that are hot, moving, or both, and having an enclosure helps keep fingers away.

Can I print ABS without enclosure?

Other thermoplastics don’t have the same issue because their melting temperature isn’t as high. However, ABS is a high-temperature thermoplastic. Your print will cool down quickly without an enclosure or a heated bed, especially if it’s a large piece.

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