who are the main users of the 3d printer

Who are the users of 3D printing?

Companies like Ford, Volvo, and BMW really uses 3D printing for rapid prototyping, experimental parts, and creating jigs and fixtures for manufacturing. Mercedes-Benz which is currently pioneering this niche among other truck producers, and makes more than 100 000 printed prototypes each year.

Who would buy a 3D printer?

The education sector, schools and universities, are also buying significant numbers of consumer-level 3D printers. Many 3D printer vendors have noticed this and are targeting schools with projects such as Makerbot Academy and Ultimaker Create.

Where are 3D printers used the most?

Five Industries Utilizing 3D PrintingAerospace.Automotive.Manufacturing.Robotics.Education.

Why do companies use 3D printers?

3D printing can help your business with prototyping or low-volume manufacturing. It also has applications in design, biomedical devices and mechanical parts. You should guarantee your supply chain and product quality to protect against unlicensed 3D printing.

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