which printer paper uses less ink

Which print quality uses less ink?

Printing in “draft” or “economy mode” uses less ink and is a great way to preserve your cartridge life and prolong cartridge replacement.

Which uses more ink glossy or plain paper?

In general glossy paper will require more ink than plain inkjet paper.

Does matte or glossy paper use more ink?

Gloss ink dries on the paper, whereas with Matte some is absorbed in, therefore needing slightly more ink.

How do I print with the least amount of ink?

10 Tips to Save on Ink When Printing (Without Sacrificing Quality)Know your printer. Do you know how many pages a single cartridge will last in your printer? … Buy in bulk. … Go “Instant” … Optimize output. … Choose grayscale. … Pick the right font. … Opt for single color cartridges. … Print with care.

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