which printer is best for card making

Which printer is best for Photocards?

The best photo printers of 2022 in fullEpson EcoTank ET-8550. … Canon PIXMA iX6850 photo printer. … Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000. … Canon Pixma Pro-100S. … Epson Expression Photo XP-970 photo printer. … HP Envy 6055 photo printer. … Canon PIXMA G620 (G650 in UK) … Canon Pixma G4510 photo printer.

Can a normal printer print on card?

Can you print on cardstock with an inkjet printer? Not only can you print on cardstock with an inkjet printer, but you can achieve really great results. Many inkjet printers can print on thick card as are versatile enough to print photo lab quality photos and graphics.

How can I print my own cards at home?

0:295:43How to Print Half Fold Greeting Cards at Home – YouTubeYouTube

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