what kind of printer uses carbon copy paper

Which printer is used to make a carbon copy?

That would be a “line printer” or “impact printer,” also called “dot matrix printer.”

Can you put carbon paper in a printer?

Yes way! There is a whole new breed of carbonless papers created specifically for use in laser printers. These NCR (“No Carbon Required”) papers are not only laser-compatible, but clean and green. So how does this work?

Do you need a special printer for carbonless paper?

REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper is manufactured specifically for safe use in laser printers and digital copiers and will not damage printing equipment.

What printer type has the ability to print on continuous paper and has the Carbon Copy ability?

Impact printers are ideal for printing multipart forms using carbon or carbonless paper to create multiple copies at a time. Many businesses use multipart forms that have carbon paper between each copy.

How do you print on carbon copy paper?

Carbonless Paper Forms in 4 Easy StepsPrint on the “Image Side” Only. This paper will feed and print without difficulty in your inkjet or laser printer, but proper paper loading is critical. … Print the Correct Number of Sheets. … Verify the Sheet Order. … Staple or Paper Clip Your Form.

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