what is the cheapest hp printer ink

Which type of printer cartridges are cheapest?

What are the Cheapest Ink Cartridges?Canon PGI-280 / CLI-281 (available in XXL extra high yield cartridges)Brother InkVestment LC3039.HP 910XL.HP 952XL.Epson EcoTank 522 Ink bottles.8 Mar 2017

How do I claim my 5 months free Instant ink?

If you would like to upgrade to a paid plan and get the 5 months free, you can do this on your account page by signing in at HPInstantink.com and go to “change plan” on the right side under MY Account, My Plan and then just send me a message here and I’ll apply 5 free months for you.

Why has HP printer ink so expensive?

1. Printers are sold cheaply. The business model of many printer companies is to sell printers at a low cost, and then, with a captive customer, sell the compatible ink cartridge at a high profit margin. The printer acts almost as a loss leader for the profitable aspect of business – selling ink and refills.

How can I get cheap ink cartridges?

You can shop LD brand aftermarket printer cartridges on their main website LDProducts.com, as well as 4inkjets.com, and InkCartridges.com. You can also find LD brand cartridges on Ebay, Walmart, and Amazon.

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