what is a wide format printer used for

Why do I need a wide format printer?

Wide format printers are known their speed and efficiency. Their ability to produce high-quality images and crisp text make them imperative for graphic- and photo-heavy posters and banners. And, since these printers boast intuitive technology, you can print in color or monochrome depending on the job.

What does wide format mean on a printer?

The general definition of a wide format printer is a printer that has a maximum printing width between 24 and 100 inches. There are many types of wide format printers, such as aqueous inkjet, solvent inkjet, UV inkjet, and toner-based.

What industries use wide format printers?

How Specific Industries Benefit from Wide Format PrintersConstruction. From interior designers to electrical engineers, larger documents with high image clarity are essential to get the job done right in the construction business. … Marketing. … Healthcare. … Entertainment.

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