what is a passphrase for a printer

Why is my printer asking for a passphrase?

The error displays after entering the WPA or WPA2 wireless security passphrase for your printer. If the error displays when a correct passphrase is entered, then the printer firmware might not be compatible with the PMF technology and a firmware updated is needed.

Where is the passphrase on a Canon printer?

The password is set at the time of purchase. The password is the printer serial number. The printer serial number is printed on the sticker attached on the printer. It consists of 9 alphanumeric characters (four alphabets followed by five numbers).

How do I find my printer passphrase?

Your passphrase is your router’s SSID password, of which only you know. It is in your router’s admin page under the wireless tab. It is the same password your computer uses to get on your network.

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