what does unable to print 36 mean on brother printer

Why does my Brother printer keep saying wrong paper size?

The error message Wrong Paper or Paper Size Mismatch is displayed when the paper size setting does not match the size of paper in the tray or the driver settings. Or, you did not set the paper guides in the tray to the indicators for the paper size you are using.

How do I fix 8F unable to print?

1 Answer. 8F means either a paper tore inside while it was printing and jammed, or some other mechanical malfunction has occurred. Open your printer, take out the toner, and the back panel if there is one. Look inside to see if you see anything jammed or stuck.

How do I clear a Brother printer error?

To clear these messages, follow these steps:Press the ON/OFF key to turn the Brother machine off.Unplug the Brother machine from the electrical outlet.Wait approximately ten seconds.Plug the Brother machine back into the electrical outlet.Press the ON/OFF key to turn the Brother machine on.

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