what does spooling mean on printer queue

Why is my printer spooling but not printing?

You could try the following steps to overcome the spooling message while printing. b) Right click on your default printer and click Printer Properties. c) Click “Advanced” on top and then select the option “Print directly to the printer”. 2) Try turning the spooling service off.

How do I clear the Print Spooler queue?

Command MethodSelect Start.Type Command .Right-click “Command Prompt” and select “Run as administrator“.Type net stop spooler then press “Enter“.Type del %systemroot%System32spoolprinters* /Q then press “Enter“.Type net start spooler then press “Enter“.The print queue on your Windows should now be cleared.

Why is spooling taking so long?

This is because the program sends the print job to the printer and builds it at the same time. Doing two tasks simultaneously makes processing slower. By spooling the documents, the program dumps the print job into the spooler. This only takes a few seconds.

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