quickbooks printer setup does nothing

Why is my printer not printing from QuickBooks?

Turn off the printer, restart your computer, and then turn the printer back on. Make sure the printer paper is loaded correctly. Select the Windows Start button, browse to the Control Panel, and double-click Printers and Faxes. If the printer shows Offline, right-click the printer and select Use Printer Online.

How do I connect my printer to QuickBooks?

How to Make Your Printer Default in QuickBooks?To do so, navigate to the File menu and click Printer Setup.Here, you may choose the Form Name, the Transaction, the Printer Name, and the Printer.Click the File option in QuickBooks Desktop.Then, choose “Printer Setup.”

How do I fix a print problem in QuickBooks?

In the QuickBooks Tool Hub, select Program Problems. Select QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool. It will take about a minute to run. Attempt to print, email, or save as a PDF from QuickBooks Desktop again.

How do I set my default printer in QuickBooks?

DetailsFrom Start button, select Settings (or Control Panel) > Printers and Faxes.From the Printers and Faxes dialog window, right click on a working printer.Select Set as Default Printer. Close the Windows Printer and Faxes window.Open QuickBooks and open the Printer Setup window to verify changes.

How do I reinstall QuickBooks PDF printer?

To start off with, you need to right click the QuickBooks desktop icon and select the properties tab. Head forward by clicking on to the find target tab or open the file location. Next, you should double click the install application, or install.exe to install the PDF converter alternatively.

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