printer smoking when printing

Why is steam coming out of my printer?

If the paper is not designed for laser printers, steam is a common result since the water content of the stock is too high. To fuse the toner to the paper requires that the fuser reach a temperature of approximately 350 degrees which will result in instant steam on high water content paper.

Why is my printer overheating?

If your printer’s fuser runs at a higher temperature for a prolonged period, it would overheat. Change the fuser if this error occurs. This error signifies that the inserted fuser isn’t the correct fuser for that model of printer. In some cases, the error code would be 13.20 error.

How do I fix my printer from smudging?

Make sure the paper is not too thick or curled. Also, verify that the appropriate paper is being used and that the paper type set in the machine matches the media used. Make sure the paper is not curled when you print on the back side of the paper with the Print Odd Pages and Print Even Pages settings.

Are printer fumes harmful?

Researchers have raised concerns that tiny particles from sources such as printer toner, tobacco smoke, combustion soot, bacteria and mould could be absorbed into the lungs and cause eye, nose, throat and lung irritation. UFPs have been linked in recent scientific studies to heart problems and lung disease.

Is it normal for my printer to smoke?

Steam coming off your printer is not uncommon, particularly if the media that you are printing on is damp. This may produce a water vapour or steam.

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