printer missing lines when printing

Why is my printer printing missing lines?

If your Epson printer is printing out faint images, skipping lines, or is streaking your image with lines, chances are you have a clogged nozzle–a common problem many users have with Epson printers. It’s unavoidable that print heads clog over time as small amounts of ink residue dry up and collect in the nozzles.

Why does my HP printer skip lines when it prints?

Do not clean the ink nozzles on the bottom of the cartridge. Allow the contacts to dry for about 10 minutes. Clean the contacts in the carriage inside the printer. Either let the carriage contacts sit for 10 minutes to allow the cleaned area to dry, or use a new swab to dry it.

Why is my printer only printing certain lines?

These problems often show up after your hardware sits idle for periods of time, which can cause ink to dry out. To resolve this, use the printhead cleaning routine, which you can access from within the control software you installed on your computer when you first set up the printer.

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