os x printer paused when printing

Why is printing paused on my Mac?

The printer can be paused by a printer problem, a loss of connection, or another user. If you print to it, you’re asked whether to resume printing or queue the print job to print later. If you queue the print job, your document waits in the queue until you resume printing.

How do I Unpause my printer on a Mac?

When the high-priority print jobs have run, you can unpause the printer.Click the printer icon on the Dock.Select the print job you want to resume from the list.Click the “Resume” button in the printer job dialog box.

Why does my printing keep pausing?

Printers pause when they need attention. Whether your device ran out of paper or one or more of its ink or toner cartridges needs replacement, it stops printing pages until you replenish its supplies.

Why does my printer Say printer paused?

The Reason behind this Error: This error can occur while using a network or printing from a laptop. When the printing job goes into the pending status, the printer is either in the state of “Pause Printing “or “Work Offline” mode.

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