my canon printer is offline how do i get it online

Why is my Canon printer offline?

Faulty or Outdated Printer Drivers Can Also Lead to the Canon Printer offline Error: Outdated or faulty printer drivers can be the reason for ‘Canon Printer Goes offline Windows 10’ status. Make sure you install and update the correct printer drivers for your system. You can update it manually or automatically.

How do I get my Canon Pixma printer online?

0:502:49How to Make Your “Offline” Printer “Online” (Windows 7) – YouTubeYouTube

How do I make my Canon printer online?

Windows 7:Click the start icon, then click Devices and Printers.Right-Click the printers icon and select See what’s printing in the dropdown menu.In the next screen click the printer tab. Use Printer Offline will have a check mark to the left of it. … Close the window. The printer will now be used online.

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