hp printer says out of photo paper when it's not

Why does my printer say out of paper in photo tray?

Check for obstructions inside the input tray and photo tray. Make sure that nothing blocks the paper from engaging with the rollers. Even small pieces of paper can cause paper feed issues.

Why does it say my printer is out of paper when it isn t?

The common reasons for this issue are various, for instance, the paper input tray is overloaded, dust or moisture can affect the paper feed or paper pick rollers, the printer driver is old, etc. Thus, the printer cannot detect the paper that has been inserted into the tray.

Why does my HP Envy printer say it’s out of paper when it’s not?

Check the condition of the paper, make sure that the printer rests on a flat surface, adjust the paper settings in the print driver, and clean the paper feed rollers to resolve the issue.

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