how to turn off manual feed on hp printer

Why is my printer going to manual feed?

The Manual Feed message appears when Manual is chosen as the paper source in the printer driver and there is no paper in the manual feed slot. Check the solution applicable for your case. If you want to print from the manual feed slot, go to CASE A: Print from the Manual Feed Slot.

How do I change my automatic feed to manual?

Click the Basic tab and select Auto Select or Tray1 from the drop-down list for the Paper Source. The Auto Select setting will automatically pull paper from any paper source (tray or manual feed slot) with a defined paper size that matches your document.

Where is manual feed on printer?

The manual feed slot is located on the front of your printer. It can be closed when not in use, making the product more compact. Use the manual feed slot to print transparencies, labels, envelopes or postcards in addition to making quick runs of paper types or sizes that are not currently loaded in the paper tray.

How do I turn off printer tray?

Grasp the handle on the input tray, and then pull the tray toward you to open it. Close the input tray by pushing it into the printer until it locks into place.

What is manual feed in HP printer?

Introduction. You can use the manual feed feature when printing mixed media. For example, you can load an envelope, then a letter, then an envelope, and so on. In this case, you would load an envelope in the priority feed slot, and then load letter size paper in the main input tray.

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