how to reduce ink usage in canon printer

Why does my Canon printer use so much ink?

The printer can use too much ink if you’ve got the wrong type of paper selected in the settings. The vast majority of print jobs will be on plain A4 paper, but if your printer thinks it’s dealing with photo paper or other types of stock, it may lay down more ink on the page than is necessary.

How can I make my Canon ink last longer?

9 Ways to Make Your Printer Ink Last LongerUse Draft or Economy Mode. … Double Check Documents Before You Press Print. … Print in Black & White. … Change Your Font. … Don’t Buy the Cheapest Printer. … Use High Quality Cartridges. … Ignore the Annoying Low Ink Warning. … Don’t Print Everything.Sep 23, 2015

Why does my ink run out so fast?

If you feel that the ink cartridges run out very quickly every time you replace the ink, it’s possible you are printing high density documents frequently. The ink consumption varies very much on print density.

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