how to put paper in lifeprint printer

Why is my Lifeprint not printing?

Paper inside the printer can become misaligned and may need to be reset before printing. To do this, remove all paper from printer by sliding and removing the two main outer pieces of the Lifeprint. Make sure the photo paper is aligned properly face down inside of the paper compartment inside of the printer.

Can you use any Zink paper in Lifeprint?

Designed for Lifeprint Lifeprint film requires no ink and is powered by ZINK Technology, but not just any ZINK adhesive backed photo paper will do.

How do you print photos from Lifeprint?

Once you’ve got your Lifeprint supplies, there are only seven steps you need to know:Download the app to a Lifeprint-compatible smartphone.Select a photo or a still frame from a video or GIF to print.Use the app’s photo editing tools and filters to make touch-ups.When you like how the image looks, hit print.

Does lifeprint printer come with paper?

It does! A starter pack of ZINK paper is included with your printer, so you can load it up and start printing right out of the box.

Why is my LifePrint flashing red?

Off: Device is powered off Solid White: Device is on standby, awaiting print command Flashing White: Device is either powering on, accepting image transmission, processing an image, or is cooling on standby Flashing Red: Error alert including no paper, paper jam, canceling print job, cover open, low battery, image not …

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