how to place paper in printer

Which way do you put in printer paper?

Put the side to be printed on face up with the leading edge (top) of the paper in first. To print on the second side, put the paper face down, with the leading edge (top) of the paper in first. If letterhead paper is used, put it in with the heading face down and in first.

Which side of paper do you print first?

The general rule of thumb is when you take the wrapper off your paper the seam side of the wrapper generally indicates the first side you should print on. Some reams of paper even have an arrow on the end.

What is grain direction in paper?

As the fibers travel through the machine on a vibrating mesh, they tend to line up in the same forward direction, parallel to the direction of the web or side edges of the paper. This is called the grain direction. The grain direction of the paper is important when binding books, because paper is scored and folded.

Which way does a printer print?

Inside the paper tray you will see the sticker like an image shown below. The lines on the corner of the symbol (surrounded by a red border in the image) show that this is the side that the photo will print onto, and therefore it should be face down.

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