how to make hp printer bluetooth discoverable

Why is my printer not showing up on Bluetooth?

Make sure the mobile device’s Bluetooth is turned on. Check to see if the printer’s Bluetooth light is pulsing. If not, enable Bluetooth on the printer and try pairing with the printer again. Check if the printer is communicating with another mobile device.

Why is my HP printer not discoverable?

Reinstall the HP Smart app from the App store and try to add your printer again. If the issue persists, restart your router, wait for your computer or mobile device to reconnect to your wired or wireless network, and then try to add the printer again using HP Smart.

How do I connect my Bluetooth printer?

FAQs & TroubleshootingFrom the Start menu, click [Settings] – [Device] – [Bluetooth and other devices].Click [Add Bluetooth or other device].Select [Bluetooth].Select your printer to complete pairing.Open [Devices and Printers].Right-click the printer icon, and select [Properties].

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