how to get printer off fax mode

Why is my printer only showing Fax?

Windows can detect and “sort of” support your printer – the Windows Drivers may not be enough to allow the printer to be designated as the “Default Printing Device”. Without this designation, the “Fax” portion of the printer might think it is the default printing device.

How do I turn off Fax?

How to Turn Off a Microsoft FaxClick “Start | Control Panel | Programs | Turn Windows Features On or Off.” The Windows Feature dialog box loads.Click the “+” sign next to “Print and Document Services.”Uncheck the box next to “Windows Fax and Scan.”Click “OK” to save your changes.

How do I turn off fax mode on my Canon printer?

StepsMake sure your printer is on.Press Menu.Select Setup, then press OK.Select Device settings, then press OK.Use the. arrow buttons to scroll to Fax settings, then press OK.Scroll to Security control, then press OK.Scroll to Check RX FAX information, then press OK.Use the.13 May 2015

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