how to fix epson receipt printer

Why is the receipt printer not printing?

The most common cause for blank receipts is the print head of the receipt printer getting stuck or not making contact with the paper. Here are the steps to correct the issue: Turn off printer via the power switch and unplug the unit. Open the paper compartment and remove the roll of receipt paper.

How do I fix my receipt machine?

Troubleshooting the receipt printerOpen the printer.Make sure there is paper, with the correct side facing up.Reset the paper, close the printer and hit the feed button, just to double-check!Check the power cord. … Is the USB cord correctly plugged into the printer and the back of your computer?

What to do when POS is not printing?

Programs / OSRe-start the POS app.Close any apps that may be using the USB ports or accessing the printer via the network.Make sure the printer is selected as the default operating system printer.If you are on a desktop OS, make sure the proper paper size is set.

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