how to fix a laser printer

Why is my laser printer not printing?

Do a hard reset on your printer. To do this you just need to turn off your printer, unplug for a few minutes and then plug the printer again. If that still doesn’t work, try turning the printer and your computer off, and then start it back up again. Try uninstalling and then reinstalling your printer driver.

How do I know if my laser printer is damaged?

Here are a couple of the most common signs that your roller needs attention and that you should seek out laser printer repair services.Frequent Paper Jams. If you’ve been experiencing more frequent paper jams, it could be caused by a malfunction with the transfer roller. … Strange Sounds. … Strong Odors. … Fading. … Spotting.Nov 19, 2019

Why is my laser printer printing blotchy?

Most laser printers include the drum with the toner cartridge. The drum itself can be defective, which results in toner misapplied to paper, or smudged toner due to too much toner applied to the paper. A defective drum can also cause print lines to appear on paper, often in the same place on each piece of paper.

Why is my Laserjet printing blank pages?

A faulty or defective printer controller or one or more defective circuit boards inside of your Samsung laser printer can cause the device to print blank pages. A faulty laser shutter, transfer roller or laser scanner cable might also cause your printer to print blank pages.

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