how are 3d printers used in schools

Why use 3D printing in the classroom?

3D printing makes learning active, giving students hand-on experience and bringing their CAD projects to life. In addition to reading books and taking notes on lectures, students can apply academic concepts to 3D printing, helping them absorb the information better. This is exceptionally helpful for tactile learners.

Are 3D printers educational?

Both manufacturers and educators are leveraging the benefits of 3D printers in education. 3D modeling and printers can bring almost any educational concept to life, while building practical skills such as problem-solving, creative coding and design.

What advantages does a 3D printer offer you as a student studying engineering?

3D printing enables students to be actively involved in the entire learning process, from the initial idea, through design, to the final 3D printed object. Being able to interact with a subject at every stage of the lesson helps students grasp the subject matter and retain information.

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