epson printer saying no ink when ink is full

Why does my Epson printer keep saying its out of ink?

This is usually caused by a non-flow of ink from the cartridge through the print head. In the case of an ink cartridge with an integrated printed head, take a warm damp cloth and gently wipe it across the print head until you see a flow of ink on the tissue or cloth.

Why does my printer say it’s out of ink when it’s not?

This is typically caused by an incorrect selection made during the LCD prompting after a cartridge is replaced or the lock release lever did not snap securely over the ink cartridge when installing.

Why does my printer say low ink when I refill it?

This error occurs due to the chip on your cartridge still reporting a low or empty ink level from it’s previous use. The chip itself cannot be reset, so when the cartridge is refilled and then installed into a new machine it will still register as empty.

Why is my Epson Ecotank printer not printing when the ink is full?

Run a nozzle check to see if any of the print head nozzles are clogged. Then clean the print head, if necessary. Make sure the paper type setting matches the type of paper you loaded. Make sure you loaded the printable side of the paper correctly for your product.

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