brother printers how to install them in linux mint

Will Brother printers work with Linux?

A Brother printer is nowadays easily installable in Linux Mint. You can apply this how-to: 1. Connect your printer to your computer by means of a USB cable (even when you intend to use it as a network printer later on: for initial installation a USB cable is often needed).

How do I install a printer on Linux Mint?

Step 1: Installation Prerequisite Steps. A. … Step 2: Install Dependency Packages. A. … Step 3: Download HPLIP. Note. … Step 4: Configure HPLIP for installation. A. … Step 5: Run Make. A. … Step 6: Run Make Install. A. … Step 7: Post Installation Step(s) A. … Step 8: Configuring your printer using hp-setup. Continue to hp-setup.

How do I install a printer on my Linux operating system?

Adding Printers in LinuxClick “System”, “Administration”, “Printing” or search for “Printing” and choose the settings for this.In Ubuntu 18.04 and above, choose “Additional Printer Settings…”. … Click “Add”Under “Network Printer”, there should be the option “LPD/LPR Host or Printer”Enter the details. … Click “Forward”

How do I find my Uri Brother printer?

Getting device URI Just look for a line that has Brother in it (like usb://Brother/MFC-7360N?serial=U62700H1N772098 ), that should be the one.

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