Canon PIXMA Error Codes and How to Fix

Canon PIXMA MP250 Scanner

PIXMA Printing Solutions

Canon PIXMA Printer Error Codes there are two types of code, includes:
1. Using the first letter P
2. Using the first letter E

Error code that uses the letter P:

P02 (Carriage error)
1. Make sure no foreign objects are stuck in roll printer.
2. Clean and check the encoder, may be in contact with splashes of ink.

P03 (Line feed error)
Due to the timing of the disc is dirty / damaged.
1. Check timing sensor disc to the left of the printer and clean it with contact cleaner
2. Check and clean the boardnya.

P05 (ASF sensor error)
Resulting paper detection sensor Canon Printer Error.
Try replacing one of the following parts:
• ASF / PE sensor unit.
• Motorcycle .
• Canon Printer Board.

P06 (Internal temperature error)
Due to excessive heat in the Canon printer.
1. Clean the inside of Canon printers.
2. Change Canon Printer Board.

P07 (Ink absorber full)
Caused Ink Counter Full / Full, Canon requested in the reset disposable Software.
Solution: Reset the printer by using software

P08 (Print head temperature rise error)
Head due to overheating, exceeds the threshold, usually
Solution: Try to replace one cartridge, typically the color.

P09 (EEPROM error)
Caused printer has a board EEPROM Corrupt or damaged.
1. Change Canon Printer Board.

P15 (USB VBUS over current)
Printer caused excess current from the USB cable Printer Canon.
1. Try to Change Printer Canon USB cable.
2. If it is damaged, replace Canon Printer Board.

P20 (Other hardware error)
The damage caused by other hardware
Immediately replace Canon Printer Board.

P22 (Scanner error)
Caused scanner does not work
1. Replace scanner or Canon Printer
2. Change Canon Printer Board.

Error code E Canon MP250

E04: Printer Cartridge is not installed properly.
Solution: Take the cartridge, then plug again if the error still bearti one Damaged cartridge.

E05: Printer Cartridge is not installed properly or no one cartridge Damaged
1. Take the cartridge, continues to post again
2. Replace the cartridge if something is broken

E14 and E15: Printer Cartridge is not installed properly.
Solution: Take the cartridge, then reinsert or replace the cartridge if it is not allowed.

E13 and E16: Ink cartridge has run out or ask reset
Press the STOP / Reset for 5-15 seconds wait until the led display process, and the cartridge will move.

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5 replies

  1. Error code 1008- have re-seated paper many times
    Printer MX920


  2. two lights flash instead of one .program works fine. canon pixma 2500 series has stopped printing for about a month. it always worked fine . the ink levels are fine.


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  4. canon E510 series printer is not working compeletly.what can i do


  5. What does Canon error code -9923 signify


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